A-List Club Gets a Sneak Peek at Heights Library’s New Maker Space | Herald of Harker Heights


The A-List club was spoiled Tuesday night when members got a glimpse of the new Maker Space at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library, a room that won’t officially open until Monday. The Maker Space is a joint effort between the library and the Harker Heights Activity Center.

Reference Librarian Christina Link, who runs the program for teens and young adults with special needs, gave a quick tour of all the space will have to offer. Large cabinets lined one wall, and there were smaller cabinets and drawers, all of which were filled with craft supplies, art supplies, scrapbooking items, science supplies, board games, etc There was also a sewing machine, a buttonhole and even an electric piano for music lovers.

Once officially open, Link said opening hours will be primarily in the afternoon to be available for the after-school set, although the space will be available for everyone. It is free and open to the community.

Austin Palumbo of Harker Heights found himself a coloring book full of Disney villains – his favorite – and he divided his attention between coloring him and Link’s tour.

Link said the A-List Club will likely meet in Maker space from now on. “We have everything we would need for everything we want to do,” she said. She also mentioned that other programs, such as Get Crafty and Fiber Frenzy, will also likely be hosted in the space; Next Tuesday night’s adult science program will also take place in the new venue, though the focus on that Tuesday night was definitely A-List.

While arts and crafts can benefit everyone, they have additional benefits for those with special needs. They can help improve motor skills and enable creativity and emotional expression. Coloring and crafting can also help improve hand-eye coordination and often promote a sense of pride and accomplishment, boosting self-esteem no matter the task.

Members of future A-List Club meetings can expect more craft projects, which seems to please Palumbo, who enjoys using his hands to create crafts, saying he likes “N’ whatever!”

The A-List club meets the second Tuesday of each month at the library beginning at 6 p.m.


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