AJ Capowski’s New Song “Pescadero” Debuts on Bandcamp via Charming Dolphins Music


Pescadero by AJ Capowski on Bandcamp via Charming Dolphins Music

AJ Capowski on Charming Dolphins Music

AJ Capowski

The new song on Bandcamp is the second release from new music label Charming Dolphins. AJ Capowski is a singer-songwriter who performs American music in the Boston area.

AJ Capowski is a singer-songwriter who performs in the Boston area. The studio’s freedom allows for a fuller production of the songs it plays live in more stripped-down arrangements.

— Charming dolphin music

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, October 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Singer-songwriter AJ Capowski released his new song “Pescadero” on Bandcamp today.

The song is the latest music from Charming dolphin music in San Diego, California, a record label and entertainment company featuring independent musicians.

“Pescadero” was written by AJ Capowski and Carl Paradise, and features steel pedal guitar by Norm Zocher.

The song is a nostalgic look at love lost along California’s central coast.

Tracks for the song were recorded at 4 different studios in Massachusetts and San Diego from 2021 to 2022.

Pescadero was mastered by the Grammy-nominated team of Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Boston.

The song was produced by Harry Levinson & AJ Capowski. Kevin Cox, an orchestral percussionist, played drums and Mark Heslin played lead guitar. Additional piano and keyboards provided by Mark Hattersley of the Rancho Bohemia recording studio in San Diego.

Charming Dolphins is an entertainment and music production company based in San Diego, California. Founded in 2022, it has in-house producers and musicians who work with songwriters in North America and beyond.

The label’s first release is the debut album by Jen Gomes, a Canadian singer, with the original song “El Camino” (written by Harry Levinson and Tom Amador of Charming Dolphins Music).

The label appeals to independent artists who might otherwise be lost in the sea of ​​industry giants. Winning new fans is a competitive business, and Charming Dolphins helps emerging musical artists find their way with a friendly, personal touch.

Their services include:

● songwriting: original musical content, including instrumentals and songs

● production: bringing together composers with studio musicians to carry out projects, paying attention to all artistic and technical elements

● distribution: music distributed worldwide, targeting channels that favor artists

● audio polishing: quality control before release

● events: concerts with tailor-made music for your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., with engineering and audio advice

● Boutique/Custom Songs: Create finished recordings of original songs for your special events

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