Alabama Music Maker Marlowe Shepherd swinging for the fences


Music maker Shepherd Marlowe has been in love with Birmingham since 2006, when he became the artist-in-residence of the Blue Monkey Lounge, living his dream as a solo artist.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, he spent most of his childhood in Bloomington. His musical journey began at the age of 4 with the transverse flute and will take him across the country.

His classical training begins at Lac Bleu Fine Arts Camp in Michigan and University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. He eventually moved to California and worked in the rock’n’roll world for a decade.

Shepherd is a touring recording artist with a focus on long-term residences. He has lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, New York and London. He has toured the South East extensively, performing regularly in Birmingham, New Orleans, Savannah, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta and Louisville.

Marlowe Shepherd is an Alabama music creator who keeps it old fashioned cool of Alabama News Center to Vimeo.

“I’ve dreamed of a great ensemble for years,” Shepherd said.

And then he met Abraham Becker about 18 months ago. They share the common dream of forming a great swing orchestra.

Although quite different people, their skills match those of a high-level team.

“We have a great working relationship,” Shepherd said.

Marlowe Shepherd and the Abraham Becker Orchestra recently played at Birmingham Lyric Theater. Vocalist Shepherd and double bass player / arranger Becker brought the Great American Songbook to the stage. They started the Birmingham show for a reason. They want to travel. The goal is to take him abroad. Their show is high end stuff, and that’s where the job is.

“Birmingham has been a blessing to me,” Shepherd said. “It allowed me to live my dreams. My message as a solo artist and in the orchestra is to deliver a simple message of love through song.

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