ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY Guitarist ERIK LARSON Releases New Solo Album, Red Lines


Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy, Thunderchief, Omen Stones) is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Richmond, Virginia who draws on a wide variety of influences from quiet acoustic moments to searing metal, crust punk, sludge and anthemic rock. and roll.

Larson has just released a new solo album, Red Lines. Minnesota Pete Campbell (Pentagram/Sixty Watt Shaman) recorded and played drums on it at Layla’s Lair in St. Cloud, MN. Mark Miley (Alabama Thunderpussy, Kilara, Avail) handled mixing at Ghetto Mansion in Richmond, Virginia. Red Lines was produced by Erik Larson, Mark Miley and Pete Campbell.

The cover art for Red Lines, which can be seen below, was created by former Alabama Thunderpussy guitarist Asechiah Bogdan. with design by Chris Boarts Larson.

Track list:

“Name Is Omen”
“Strike the Never”
“You’re welcome”
“Jeff’s Song”
“Walking Blade”
“Yeah, well fuck you too”

Stream/buy Red Lines here. It can also be enjoyed via the audio player below.

All words and music were written by Erik Larson, except for the lyrics to “The Jeff Song” written by a very young Stigandr Larson.

“It’s a mix of songs that all make sense together…at least to me,” says Erik.


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