Alienationist is preparing his first album “Don’t Worry, You Can Always Be Reborn As a Screenshot”


Berlin-based producer and co-founder of Arcane Patterns label Alienationist announces the release of his August debut album exploring a heady haze of refracted jungle, powerful breaks, rave textures and mutant lyrics – somewhere between the lines of Rezzett , Zomby, Madteo and Demdike Stare.

The long-titled album is said to be the result of “intense psycho-geographical journeys through cities, forests, shopping malls and data highways on which loose dots of ordinary laying about were connected and put together. in dialogue with bass-heavy club music, sardonic poetry. , queer theory, sound fiction and field recordings.

The album includes a self-printing poster and a short poetry PDF booklet, some of which appear in the tracks. The eight tracks are dialectical tales of self-doubt, loneliness, reality dysphoria and insecurity. Yet they evoke a space of radical autonomy that celebrates rather than laments alienation as the default condition of life.

“Don’t Worry, You Can Still Be Reborn As Screenshot” is slated for August 22. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Zahlen & Geld
2. Greetings from the other side of the screen
3. Lieblingschorus
4. 3 no manners
5. Das ist Doch Demokratie
6. Kiss a mirror
7. Don’t Worry You Can Still Be Reborn as screenshot


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