All About The “Demon Slayer” Theme Song Singer’s Documentary


Lisa another great day is Netflix’s next documentary about the rock heroine of Japanese music as she looks back on the first decade of her musical career. The film explores the true face of demon slayer theme song singer and will take us on a musical journey with the musician.

Lisa another great day follows the singer as she looks back on the last 10 years of her career and contemplates an uncertain but exciting future. The trailer follows her through her off-stage days and those preparing for her performances. As she looks back on her life which was filled with her days making music, she now sees it as her only reason for living.

However, Lisa also shares her burden as to the outcome of these creations and whether she will be able to please the people who trust her. The trailer really captivates us because this documentary is more than its music, it’s it.

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Now, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Lisa another great day documentary!

Lisa Another Great Day Plot

The film’s synopsis on Netflix reads, “Discover the world of the singer known as ‘Rock Heroine’ as she reflects on the first decade of her career and looks to the future.”

Following the life of the famous singer, we see her true face which is different from the confident performer we usually see on stage.

Lisa Another Great Day Casting

Directed by Taketoshi Sado, the film has singer Lisa, also known as Risa Oribe, watching herself with people related to her.

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Lisa Another Great Day Release Date and Trailer

Lisa another great day is set to release on October 18, 2022 and will be available to stream on netflix.

Trailer Lisa Another Great Day

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