ANVIL Releases Music Video For New Song ‘Ghost Shadow’ (March 11, 2022)


ANVIL releases music video for new song “Ghost Shadow”
March 11, 2022

Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based metal band Anvil have filmed a music video for the track “Ghost Shadow”. Directed by W. Cliff Knese, the clip can be viewed below.

Speaking of the track, frontman Lips said, “’Ghost Shadow’ is my sixth sense telling me I’m being watched! Maybe Internet trolls or a paranormal phenomenon! Anyway, the song is heavy as shit!! »

Anvil releases 19th full studio album The impact is imminent on May 20, 2022 via AFM Records. The release will be available in various formats and can be pre-ordered here.

“None of our previous albums mix music and lyrics in such a tight unit as The impact is imminententhused Lips about the 14 songs on the new album. “Everything flows seamlessly. As a result, the new material sounds monolithic, down to the smallest detail, both in terms of rhythm and harmonies.

“In the past, our studio sessions sometimes felt a bit like a leap into the thick of things, requiring us to improvise a lot and make short-term decisions. Work on The impact is imminent not only was there plenty of time for the songwriting process before the recordings, but i also had time to try out all my ideas and work on them until they were perfect .

The impact is imminent was produced by Martin “Mattes” Pfeiffer and Jörg Uken, while mixing and mastering duties also fell to Jörg Uken at his Soundlodge studio in Rhauderfehn, Germany.

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. “Take a Lesson”
02. “Ghost Shadow”
03. “Another Shootout”
04. “Rain of Fire”
05. ‘Tea bag’
06. “Don’t Look Back”
07. “Someone to Hate”
08. “The Wrong Side of Town”
09. “Sorcerer’s Wand”
10. ‘Lock’
11. “Explosive Energy”
12. “The rabbit hole”
13. “Shockwave”
14. “Gomez”

The composition of Anvil is as follows:

Steve “Lips” Kudlow (vocals and guitar)
Christ Robertson (bass)
Robb Reiner (drums)

Seventeenth studio disc Finally legal was released in February 2020 via AFM.

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