Bangor is about to paint lines indicating the way in the streets


First comes the potholes. Then comes the repairs. Next comes the new pavement. And then, and only then comes a new paint job.

Lines painted on the pavement. So we can stay in our hallways. Or at least some of us can.

It’s the season. The weather advanced enough in the spring that some roads that had been patiently waiting for lane painting no longer had to wait.

I am neither a finisher nor a pavement expert. But this H on the road is in preparation for the painting. And we can all understand that. The H means a stop in the table. And yellow indicates the color to divide the lanes which are for traffic in different directions.

White would indicate a designation to separate traffic into 2 lanes moving in the same direction.

Pop quiz.

What is that?

If you guessed 2 lanes of traffic, and I’m in 3rd lane where this photo was taken, and there is no markings on the ground… correct. This was taken in Bangor on Stillwater, just after the freeway off ramp and before the Bangor Mall entrance.

Paint to indicate actual traffic lanes will be a welcome addition, and it looks like it’s coming soon.

Main Street approaches Union Street. You can see where the painted lines are going to be soon. If not, you can imagine them.

Some of the other areas of Bangor that are going to be painted over to show us which lane we are on include Stillwater from the Interstate to Hogan Road.

Main Street before Union and State Street.

Oak Street from York to Hancock. Remember it is 4 lanes. 3 lanes going over the bridge to Brewer and one lane from the bridge to Broadway. Confusing to some, when there are no painted lane lines.

Love us yellow and white paint.

And for those wondering which streets in Bangor are about to get a new sidewalk, here’s the link.

Town of Bangor

Town of Bangor

Drive carefully.

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