BLACKPINK shares snippet of fiery new song in “Born Pink” teaser video


BLACKPINK has begun the promotional rollout for their highly anticipated second album – which appears to be titled “Born Pink” – with the release of a new teaser video.

The clip offers just over 20 seconds of new music, with a bold Latin-style guitar lead and a heavy, snappy beat that transitions into a faux drop as modulated vocals sing, “BLACKPINK! » It also outlines the early parts of BLACKPINK’s new era timeline, re-confirming that the album’s first single will arrive in August, ahead of the full disc release in September.

A month later, BLACKPINK will embark on an ambitious world tour, which their label, YG Entertainment, boasted about, which will mark “the biggest world tour in the history of a K-pop girl group.” As of this writing, the band – consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa – have yet to announce any dates for the first leg of this tour.

Check out the “Born Pink” teaser below:

BLACKPINK released their first full album, “THE ALBUM,” in October 2020. Confirmation of their impending follow-up came in early July, when YG announced that BLACKPINK was in the “final stages of recording a new album.” .

The label claimed that the band’s longtime new player would be launching “an ongoing large-scale project that will continue through the second half of the year”, teasing “lots of BLACKPINK-esque music”. [that] was prepared over a long period”. It is implied that the album will be just one of many releases BLACKPINK has planned for 2022.

One of those ancillary releases, a standalone single titled “Ready For Love” – ​​part of their ongoing collaboration with PUBG Mobile – arrived last Friday (July 29). A clip for the single came just days after BLACKPINK performed a virtual show in the mobile game on July 23-24.

Meanwhile, an in-progress music video for BLACKPINK’s new album campaign has been reported as YG’s most expensive production to date.

BLACKPINK’s comeback first emerged in April, when reports claimed a new album could be coming “as soon as June.” YG shot down rumors of an album coming soon, but confirmed that BLACKPINK is indeed gearing up for a comeback.

This comeback was also teased by Jennie during her appearance on the Game Caterers YouTube channel last March, where she said, “BLACKPINK will also be making a comeback soon. I don’t know if I have the right to say this, but since I’m the only one [BLACKPINK member] here, I’m just going to say it. Please look forward to it. Thanks a lot.”

In May, Rosé said she didn’t think the girl group would “ever end,” describing her fellow BLACKPINK members as “family forever.” She said rolling stone: “I grew up with them. They are part of me. I don’t think it will ever end. It’s stupid of me to worry about that or even think about it.

That same month, Jisoo admitted that she was still unsure about pursuing a music career outside of BLACKPINK. She explained that she had no idea what a solo career would look like for her: “What do people expect from me? There is a chaos of contradictory questions. So I still tilt my head in confusion. I don’t know what will happen to my solo projects this year.

Additionally, OneRepublic vocalist Ryan Tedder has teased an upcoming collaboration with BLACKPINK, which will likely be part of the group’s next release. “I can’t tell you what comes out. I think one or two of my songs made the album,” Tedder said in an interview with hello america. “From what I’ve been told and what I’ve done with them, I can only say that it’s very true to their sound.”


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