Brian McKnight Jr. Releases New Song “Feels Like Home”


Brian McKnight Jr., son of R&B veteran Brian McKnight, has released a new song called “Feels Like Home”, produced by SkyHigh Music.

McKnight shows himself as a student of R&B sound dated from his heyday. He understands the sophistication of the genre and translates it beautifully into this smooth ode. The simplistic production of “Feels Like Home” relies on delicate guitar stings, finger snaps and the soft crackle of maracas.

Likewise, McKnight sang the same, both clear and relaxed, not needing to sing too much. Lyrically, he talks about how his wife makes him feel more comfortable when he’s in her presence.

He sings, “Just look what you started / I’m here with my heart in my hands / Like a 90s R&B video, dancing in the rain / I’m tryna be your man / I don’t care if I look silly / Nah , I’m breaking all my rules for this.

Track ‘Feels Like Home’ comes days after release of McKnight’s freshly released EP While we’re still alive. The five-track project features brand new material, none of which are the four songs released in the months leading up to its arrival.

Back in March, McKnight shared a comprehensive effort called This one’s for you, and you know who are. The 10-track LP follows his 2020 album musichead.

Stream Brian McKnight Jr.’s new song “Feels Like Home” below.


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