Casiter schools bid farewell to teaching staff


13:04 2 August 2022

Four staff members from two connected coastal schools with over 100 years of experience teaching each other are about to retire.

Lin Myhill, Julie Freeman, Michelle Chrisostomou and Vanessa Black leave Caister Infant School and Nursery and Caister Junior School.

Ms Freeman, who is retiring after 33 years, was first recruited from Caister Middle School in 1989 under Principal Ken Forsyth and has taught every age group between Years 3 and 7.

She said: “I have enjoyed all my time working here – it has been an honour. I have worked with the most wonderful people.

“I watched children grow up and taught them, and then I taught their children. I also taught at least 10 of my current colleagues when they were kids. I am very lucky to have worked here.

Michelle Chrisostomou and Vanessa Black are both retiring after 20 years in kindergarten and day care.
– Credit: Caister Primary Federation

She will continue to volunteer with the Great Yarmouth Schools’ Music Association, helping children discover and enjoy music in the borough.

Mrs. Myhill is retiring after 28 years.

She has worked in the nursery school as a teaching assistant since 1994, first joining Caister First School under former headmaster, the late Pat Lewis.

She said: “I have served with five headteachers – Pat, Brendan McCarney, Nick Southgate, Sian Harmer and now Mark Parslow-Williams.

“I have seen children who have come here grow up and become parents themselves and bring their own children here.

“School has been like my family and it’s going to be so strange in September when everyone comes back but not me – I’m really going to miss it.”

She will continue her work for St. John Ambulance, where she works with badgers, cadets and adult groups.

Last year, she was awarded the prestigious Order of St. John for her 32 years of service to the first aid charity.

Ms. Chrisostomou and Ms. Black are both retiring after 20 years in nursery school and nursery as teaching assistants.

All of the retiring staff also say they look forward to spending time with family and reuniting with friends.

Both schools are part of the Caister Primary Federation.


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