Discover Makenna Rochelle’s purest form of music in his song “Ghost”


Nothing can be as convincing as Makenna Rochellemusical formations. Being simple is the hardest job one has to do; ‘Phantom’ will offer this unique simplicity.

It was during the pandemic that I learned Makenna Rochelle, it was probably one of the first issues she published. And instantly I was attracted by his musicality because simplicity can make you crack. But recently when I saw his new single ‘Phantom’, I was captivated by his ecstatic voice in the song. And I was kind of blown away by the song and started playing the song over and over. From her vocals to her musical charts, she acted in every possible way in the song, making it absolutely seamless. She was always someone born with the heavenly musical talent, but she didn’t follow it until the pandemic hit.

She gained attention in a few months in the spring of 2021 on two of her songs ‘psychology‘ and ‘version of you‘ became extremely famous. His first album ‘Letters to ghosts‘ offered some of his extremely charming songs from afar. Makenna Rochelle works under an exclusive license to Atlantic Records and co-produces and co-distributes the songs. She co-wrote the song ‘Phantom’ with Connor Scott. ‘three two one‘, ‘We are everything’, ‘Everyone but me‘, ‘Heart‘, ‘Letters to ghosts‘, ‘Then thentattooed in my head‘, and ‘When she loved me’ are some of his pieces performed as if by magic. Hopefully she returns with more of her uplifting soothing numbers in the future. Until then, you can listen to his songs again and again on Spotify, Apple Musicand Youtube. And follow her on Twitter and instagram to know more.

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