Doja Cat performed her Taco Bell Mexican pizza song ‘Terrible on Purpose’


Doja Cat is one of the biggest names in music, a rapper and pop artist who rose to fame in 2019. Her songs stand out for the way they encourage female empowerment and reference pop culture in fun ways and light. Over the years, Doja Cat has released tracks like “Say So”, “Kiss Me More”, and “Need to Know”. Although several of his songs have been critically acclaimed, one of the artist’s last songs really caught the eye of foodies, with its reference to a popular item on the Taco Bell menu – one that was discontinued there. several years ago.

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Doja Cat’s new song about Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza has gone viral

In early March, Doja Cat took to TikTok to sample her new song for fans. “I made a song about Mexican pizza because I love it so much,” Doja Cat said in the clip, reported by Initiated. “I wish Taco Bell hadn’t stopped it a year ago. I wrote a verse and hope you like it. She then shared some snippets of the song in her TikTok video, along with lyrics such as “Yeah, I got beans, I need meat, I need a shell with the sauce and cheese, I’ll give you hell if you cross me, we ’bout to throw the hands if you want to try me.

The video quickly went viral, racking up millions of views on TikTok and helping Doja Cat make the rounds on social media.

What did Doja Cat say about her song Taco Bell being “contractual”?

The video for Doja Cat’s song Mexican Pizza isn’t the only time the singer has referenced the iconic fast food menu item. In a video just before the one featuring the song, Doja Cat took to TikTok to talk about the song, explaining the origins of her new song. She said in a TikTok, “Keep this shit a secret, I ain’t tryin’ to, so I’ll (sic) make it terrible on purpose… Gotta do a jingle, they want me to rap about Mexican Pizza. So I just want to give you a warning before you see that s—” she said. “Just know it’s contractual. Shh, I know it’s bad.

Curiously, Taco Bell’s official social media page on TikTok commented on Doja Cat’s video, slyly adding “I’m pretty sure the jingle was your idea.” Whatever the reason for the song’s creation, it’s clear that Doja Cat is a big fan of Mexican pizza, with Insider noting that she’s tweeted about the article several times in the past, pleading with Taco Bell. to bring it back to the menu.

Taco Bell Mexican pizza was discontinued in 2020

Mexican pizza has been a mainstay on the Taco Bell menu for decades, and for many fans the menu item, which consisted of layers of ground beef, refried beans, tortilla and cheese, was one from the most delicious and reliable choices to the fast food chain. However, Mexican pizza was removed from the Taco Bell menu in November 2021, with Taco Bell citing its desire to make eco-friendly choices as one of the reasons for the item’s removal. Taco Bell eliminated several other regular menu items around the same time, including the Pico de Gallo and the Chewy Spicy Potato Taco.

However, there is a silver lining for hardcore fans of Mexican pizza – The sun reports that Taco Bell will bring it back to the menu and fans should look for it to return in April or May 2022. Doja Cat, along with fans of all ages, will soon have another reason to head to Taco Bell.

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