Dolly Parton says her song with Queen Latifah is one of her “best songs”


Dolly Parton has collaborated with many artists over the years. She says one of the “best” songs she recorded was with artist Queen Latifah. Here’s what she said about their collaboration.

Dolly Parton’s collaborations with Kenny Rogers

Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah | Countess Jemal/Getty Images for Vh1

Parton reflects fondly on his collaborations with late country star Kenny Rogers. In his book Dolly Parton, singer: My life in wordsshe says one of her favorite projects was the Christmas album she recorded with him titled Once Upon a Christmas. She loves this project so much that she plays the album during the Christmas season every year. Parton explains that the title track is his version of the Christmas story. She wrote the 1973 song while she and her husband were building their home in Nashville.

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Parton has also collaborated with artists such as Reba McEntire, Porter Wagoner and Vince Gill. During an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch what’s happening live, Parton says she was thrilled to duet with McEntire. “I’ve always wanted to sing with her,” Parton says. “And I don’t know why we haven’t done it until now. But we sounded really good together.

Dolly Parton calls this song with Queen Latifah one of her “best songs”

In 2012, Parton starred in the film cries of joy alongside Queen Latifah. She recorded songs for the film’s soundtrack. One of Parton’s favorite songs from the soundtrack is “He’s Everything,” which she recorded with Queen Latifah. In her book, Parton calls it one of her “best” songs.

Parton likes to write simple songs that “grow with an orchestra or choir” as the song progresses. She was touched when she saw how affected the cast was by her song. During the scene where she sang the song, she could see how much the song moved the cast members. Parton says witnessing this made her want to “high five God” for inspiring her to write the song.

Parton says she regularly asks God to show her how to inspire others and bring her glory. She wants people to “see and feel” God through her work. Parton says she was “humbled” after seeing how her song affected others.

Queen Latifah’s entertainment career

Queen Latifah got her start in the music industry. She was a beatboxer for the hip-hop group Ladies Fresh. She was also part of the Flavor Unit group. Fab 5 Freddie, host of Yo! Rap MTV, received a recording of the music of Queen Latifah. An executive at Tommy Boy Records heard his music and offered him a recording contract.

Queen Latifah released her first studio album, hail the queen, in 1989. This album, which peaked at number six on the US R&B chart, resulted in the single “Ladies First”. She released her second album, Nature of a sisterin 1991. His other studio albums include black reign (1993), Court order (1998), To travel light (2007), and Personage (2009).

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