Erica for new dance music song “One Last Dance”: Listen to the release of the new song Feat. Living galaxy


Erica (エ リ ã‚«) Music – One Last Dance

Producer Alive Galaxy

Producer Alive Galaxy

Musical label Audition dot com and Alive galaxy Music

Musical label Audition dot com and Alive galaxy Music

Erica for New Dance Music Song “One Last Dance”: Listen to the New Song Released – Erica’s music label, and Alive Galaxy Music, released worldwide!

KYOTO, JAPAN, November 2, 2021 / – [Erica] for the new dance music song “One Last Dance”: Listen to the new song Feat. [Alive Galaxy].

The last album “[One Last Dance]Was released on November 3, and the single of the same name is the first to be released worldwide.

At the same time, the distribution of music videos was posted on the VEVO YouTube channel.

Erica’s music label
[Music Label Audition dot com]
Living Galaxy Music
Released from.
One Last Dance will be released as a worldwide TikTok-centric album, Spotify.

YouTube Music, Amazon Music and Apple Music, in addition to the album (downloadable) “[One Last Dance]”currently on sale. [One Last Dance] and new songs 4 A deluxe edition with a total of 15 songs, including a total of 5 songs, will be released. Fans will be excited to release a new song alongside the release of the latest album, but on top of that, it has been announced that [Erica]The download photo of will be included as a privilege in the deluxe version that will be released.

Currently, acrylic stands of various artists and celebrities are on sale around the world, and although they are all very popular, it is Ariana that the Western Music Artist’s Acrylic Stand is included in the product. album as a privilege. There are only a few like Grande. It’s a nice gift for Japanese fans, typical of japonophile Erica. ::

Erica: Creative and music lover from a young age, Erica graduated in 2011 in “Modern Singing” from the Accademia di Musica Moderna in Milan.

During these years Erica sang in many groups, performing on important stages in Italy and abroad. One of his most important experiences was with “Capolinea 24”. With this project, Erica released the first album of original songs “Lost in Tales”: nine songs in English with classic rock sounds.

The album was very successful in Italy and Brazil, where many local radio stations broadcast the songs.
[Erica] had other important experiences as a backing vocalist for five years in a tribute band to “Pink Floyd”, as lead singer in a tribute to “Laura Pausini” and as lead performer in a tribute to Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Now she is the singer of the “iPop live show band” and she works for [Music Label Audition dot com]

My favorite genre is rock, so when I started writing my first original songs it was natural to take inspiration from this genre. In my first album “Lost in Tales”, which I wrote and produced with my guitarist Angelo Mazzeo, I tell nine stories.

Every song has a “plot” because I wanted to tell something that people could relate to. Usually I start with the musical part, but I already have the subject of the lyrics in mind: these are two aspects that go in parallel. For me, it’s important to feel emotions when writing an original song.

Technique is important, but what really gives goosebumps is the passion and emotion that a melody or lyrics can convey.

The recording phase is one of my favorites, because it is the moment when a song comes to life through my voice. I have a recording studio set up in my house so I can handle the vocals myself, but usually the final mixing and mastering is done by professional sound engineers.

If when I listen to the finished product I get intense sensations, it was a great job.

Being a singer is a job that I could never give up because I love all aspects of the job. I love singing live and am grateful that I can do it so often with the band I am playing in now. Love for what you do is the basis of any creative process.

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Erica – One Last Dance (Official Music Video) Produced by Alive Galaxy


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