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The recent release of Strange new worlds kept a star trek tradition alive by delivering an epic main title theme. Overall Trek franchise, the main theme was used to prepare the viewer for each week’s incredible space adventure.

Whether it’s the classic theme of The original seriesto modern series like Discoveryevery show in the Trek franchise got its own unique main theme song. Although they are all excellent in their own way, some Trek the themes have survived and become permanent fixtures in popular culture.


ten Company (2001-2005)


Company has been star trekThe most ambitious show to date, and with its main theme, they also went out on a limb. Avoiding the usual orchestral score, Company greeted viewers each week with a main theme featuring lyrics and modern instrumentation.

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“Where My Heart Will Take Me” was a power ballad that gripped 1980s cheese, even though the show was airing at the turn of the new millennium. Trek fans were at a loss what to make of the head-scratching song, and many looked down on it outright. Although the creators were looking for an uplifting vibe with the song, most viewers would have preferred a simple orchestral theme.

9 Discovery (2017–present)

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery season 1 together

As a restart of the star trek tv world, Discovery had great shoes to fill almost every aspect of the production. For its theme, Discovery opted for a more restrained orchestral score, marked by peaks and crescendos as opposed to an epic, bombastic melody.

Although it refers to TOS with the familiar four-note sting, DiscoveryThe theme of doesn’t have the adventurous tone of most other shows. It has a dark, brooding atmosphere that matches the mood of the show but makes it stand out from its contemporaries. Many of the fan complaints about the series are reflected in the theme song, and despite its attempts to return to the original theme, it still sounds very wrong-Trek.

8 The Animated Series (1973-1974)

As a consolation prize to fans who had their favorite show canceled so quickly, star trek returned briefly in the 1970s as an animated children’s show. Musically speaking, The animated series matched its theme to the casual, adventurous feel of the show and delivered a surprisingly jazzy song.

Although it is an homage to the familiar theme of TOS, the cartoon’s song stands on its own and is actually quite catchy. The bright, vibrant journeys shown on screen are a perfect match for the theme song, and it’s a raucous sound even outside of its context of a star trek series. The animated series‘ two seasons were some of the franchise’s best, and the theme was a big part of making it popular.

seven Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

A promotional photo of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crew.

As for the tone, Deep Space Nine took the Trek franchise in some of the darkest places she would ever go. Musically speaking, DS9 was a perfect match for its slow, almost militaristic theme song, with rolling bass drum sounds for added emphasis.

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Although the show didn’t start as dark as it would eventually end, its theme was consistent throughout and almost acted as a distant warning to Dominion War’s plot. While it fits well with its show, the song isn’t the most memorable theme, and it’s somewhat confused by its own dark, forbidden sound. In the end, what hurts the DS9 theme is that it gets a bit repetitive over time.

6 Prodigy (2021–present)

The Return of Janeway from Star Trek Prodigy

The animation world has generally been kind to star trek franchise, and Prodigy was an attempt to speak to a younger audience. Even with this lens, the theme of the series is all a Trek should be the theme, with rising chords and an adventurous tune.

The theme succeeds doubly because it not only lends the epic nature of the show, but it also hints at some of the immense mysteries of space. The chorus in the middle of the piece is a unique piece of Trek music, and gives the song alternating levels as opposed to an all-out auditory assault on the senses.

5 Lower decks (2020–present)

Star Trek Lower Decks Crew Deck

star trek had touched on its fair share of deep issues, but never had a show been completely comedic until Lower decks. Despite his stupidity, Lower decks received one of the strongest musical treatments in modern music Trekand featured a radical theme that would gel with any of the franchise’s live-action shows.

The familiar instrumentation recalls The next generation, without resorting to a copy approach. The song also succeeds because it maintains a playful tune that lets audiences know they’re off on a fun, fun ride with each week’s episode. Even though it is Trekthe craziest show by far, Lower decks received one of its best main themes.

4 Traveling (1995-2001)


Set in the far reaches of the galaxy, Traveler really taken Trek fan where no one had gone before. Musically speaking, Traveler featured a main theme that wrapped up everything great with the previous themes into one epic song.

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Beginning with its own isolated dart, the song features an open, brassy sound reminiscent of the militarism of DS9, but with an adventurous air. Alluding to the limitless possibilities of the Delta Quadrant, the theme song is also somewhat mysterious and builds with new instruments as it reaches its climax.

3 Strange New Worlds (2022–present)

The crew of the Enterprise heroically await their next voyage

Since the franchise’s birth, shows have tried to capture some of the magic that has many fans thinking. The original series like the best Trek show, and Strange new worlds is probably the closest. Although the theme teases viewers with the original hook of TOSthe song quickly jumps into its own thing with surprising finesse.

Throughout Pike’s monologue, the song builds until, like a roller coaster ride, the audience is thrust into the vastness of space with the music to match. Mimicking the original theme, but in a different key, the song sounds like it would fit right in with the additional music from TOS.

2 The Next Generation (1987-1994)

bringing Trek to return to television after decades of absence was an ambitious choice, and The next generation used his music to immediately stand out. The theme is fast and dynamic, with resounding horns and swinging strings giving the song a dynamic and adventurous feel.

Grand compared to its predecessor, GNTThe main theme of has a theatrical vibe that lends importance to the episodes it marks. Although it looks totally different from TOSthe main theme of, this is perhaps its strongest asset. The song perfectly captured the mood of the show and became just as instantly recognizable as the song that preceded it.

1 The Original Series (1966-1969)

Star Trek The Original Series Cast

Very few shows in the history of television are as indelibly tied to their theme song as Star Trek: The Original Series is. From the opening tinkling note beneath Shatner’s monologue, to the almost lyrical vocals topping the music, everything about the main title track is iconic.

In his heart, star trek concerns the future, and TOS is the only show that used its theme to imply a futuristic vibe. Harking back to the best sci-fi movies of the 1950s, the show’s theme has a ghostly quality that’s as haunting as it is beautiful, and it involves the many mysteries of space. The best episodes of TOS were made even better by a theme song that never failed to match the tone of the episode it played before.

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