Exclusive: Jordan Davis Shares The Story Behind ACM Nominated Song, “Buy Dirt”


Jordan Davis, his brother Jacob Davis, Matt Jenkins and Josh Jenkins were onto something special when they got together at a cabin outside of Murfreesboro, Tennessee for a songwriting session. But little did they know they were about to embark on the creation of the ACM-nominated song, “Buy Dirt”, performed by Jordan himself and featuring Luke Bryan.

In an exclusive video, premiering with American Songwriter, the four songwriters sat down to discuss the song which is currently nominated for both ACM Single of the Year and Song of the Year.

“Yeah, ‘Buy Dirt’ we wrote that,” Jordan said. “I rented a cabin just outside of Murfreesboro and I remember Matt had the idea – I mean you said that idea the night before.”

“I actually heard someone say or I heard it somewhere, ‘Buy land, they won’t do any more’,” Matt recalls. “And so we had talked about it, talking about buying the farm and all that kind of stuff led to ‘Buy Dirt’ and I think that’s where we were like, ‘Hey, let’s write this.’ “

The result is a song about, as Jordan puts it, “Faith, family and friends, and truly finding your happiness.”

Find the one you can’t live without / Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground / Do what you love but call it work / And throw some money on the plate at church / Send your prayers and your deep roots / Add a few members to your family tree / And watch their pencil marks / And the grass in the yard grows “Because the truth about it is / It all goes by so fast / You can’t buy the happiness / But you can buy landsings Jordan in the chorus.

“I remember in that kitchen, it was probably from the time we were all sitting around drinking coffee that we were there in the word, passing scriptures talking about life,” Josh added. “I feel like from that point the guitar was grabbed and we went to the kitchen, it was like 30 minutes and that verse and chorus was written. I remember looking up and thinking, ‘Whoa, what happened?’

“I can honestly say it’s one of the fast songs that — I know one of the fastest we’ve ever written,” Jordan shares.

“I remember we all talked about how to get this across without it coming from the Jordan singer saying, ‘Hey, that’s what you should do,'” Jacob recalled. “And we just visualized an older man sitting in a rocking chair like a few days before he was eighty, he was sitting in a rocking chair. How can we get that from him.

“I remember fighting that. I feel like it was so dated like the story song,” Jordan recalled. “Obviously I lost that because the song is what it is.”

Watch the full video below as Jordan, Jacob, Matt and Josh tell the intimate story behind the ACM-nominated hit, “Buy Dirt.”


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