Faced with growing demand, vinyl manufacturer invests $25 million to triple production


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A West Tennessee vinyl record manufacturer plans to more than double its workforce and triple production amid rising demand.

Memphis Record Pressing is investing $25 million in its facility in suburban Bartlett, Tennessee, reports the Memphis Commercial Appeal. The project would add 36 disc presses to the 16 presses currently in operation, allowing the company to increase its annual production from 10 million discs to 30 million discs.

The company’s workforce, meanwhile, would grow from around 250 to more than 550. The expansion could make MRP the largest record manufacturer in North America.

MRP was founded in 2014 as a growing number of music listeners began to turn to vinyl as part of a broader shift from compact discs to music streaming services. Two years later, the company partnered with Czech vinyl giant GZ Media. Records have since become the best-selling physical form of music. Over 20 million were sold in the first six months of 2022.

Brandon Seavers, co-owner of MRP, told Commercial Appeal that the company’s initial goal was to stay in business for five years.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we were going to build this massive organization,” he told the newspaper.

The project isn’t the only vinyl expansion of its kind in Tennessee. Earlier this year, GZ Media announced plans to invest $13 million in a new record manufacturing facility in Nashville.

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