Footballers’ Wives The Musical is coming and here is the first song


Footballers Wives The Musical heads to the stage and fans got their first glimpse of one of his songs.

As the nation prepares to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hit ITV series, a new musical arrives just in time to help us relive the fall and rise of femme fatale Tanya Turner.

Footballers Wives The Musical will follow the captain’s wife as she struggles to keep her marriage to footballer and lothario, Jason Turner, amid groupies, interference with club presidents, deception, betrayal and murder.

The show, based on the first season, will release songs (created by Kath Gotts) on streaming platforms for all to enjoy, and the premiere just dropped.

‘Don’t Lose It’ sees West End star Alice Fearn sing as Tanya Turner, who laments her husband’s constant failure to be the faithful partner she desires.

“I know the game / I know the score,” she sings.

The football puns keep coming as the drama escalates: “Remember what you need / Keep your eyes on the goal.”

As you’d expect, that’s a dramatic number and we can only imagine there will be plenty more to that level in the full show.

footballers wives became a cult classic when it aired from 2002 to 2006, with viewers thrilled by the glamor and misbehavior of Earls Parks FC WAGS.

The iconic series was mostly loved for its outlandish storylines such as baby swapping, murder, and all kinds of adultery.

Gay revivals took place across the country when Captain Conrad Gates reunited with teammate Noah Alexander – although the show cut scenes involving Noah being set up with a sex worker, who were at the era called “the most explicit sex scene ever shown”. on prime time television.

Now the chaos will play out with musical numbers in the mix because why not?

“Don’t Lose It” is available to stream from all major distributors, while footballers wives is available on Britbox.


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