Former NHL star Theo Fleury releases first country song


Théo Fleury released his first country single on Thursday. (Soundcloud)

During his peak playing days, Theo Fleury was a superstar in the NHL, especially with the Calgary Flames from 1988 until most of the 1990s.

He scored 455 goals in his 15-year NHL career, including eight 30-goal performances and a career-best 51-goal season in 1990-91 with the Flames.

Now, more than a decade after her last NHL appearance, Fleury is embarking on a new career off the ice.

As a country music singer.

Rumor first surfaced of Fleury’s plans to enter the music industry in February, but on Thursday we got our first glimpse of his musical talents when he released his debut single, My life has been a country song.

Here’s Fleury talking about her new path, via a press release that was released with the song.

“I know when people hear that Theo Fleury made a country album, they’re going to say ‘Okay … OK. And I wouldn’t say I’m the greatest singer in the world, but I’m a real singer. But i have a decent voice i grew up around music i am a mixed race person and music is really in our dna some of my fondest memories as a child were listening to my grandfather playing the violin . My dad sang and played guitar, my uncle sang and played guitar. Music has always been a big part of every family reunion. And it was all country stuff, you know – Charley Pride, Buck Owens, Hank Snow, all those old guys. So it’s become my favorite kind of music. And making music has always been in my head. “

The single is part of Fleury’s debut album, I am who I am. In her press release, Fleury acknowledged that the album was “dark” and that it was about her life, her experiences and her struggles.

“The songs are about my life, my experience, my struggle. But they are also about overcoming this struggle. At the end of every song, there is hope. That’s what the lyrics and the song reflect. music: hope and healing. If people are listening to this and there is a line or a word or a phrase that helps them get out of the situation they are in or what they are feeling, it is really why we are doing this. The message is that no matter how bad we can fall, we can bring it back. “

And now, Théo Fleury … country music singer.


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