Genshin Impact is switching to Super Mario Maker this week


Genshin Impact is getting a new event this week that involves charging through player-created obstacle courses as you collect coins and avoid traps. Basically, you have the chance to stumble your friends through challenging assault courses just like you would in Super Mario Maker.

Divine Ingenuity is the name of the event, although you must complete certain tasks before you can create your own tracks. After completing the A New Star Approaches quest, you will need to beat five preset levels. Once done, you can tackle the Divine Ingenuity World Quest to access Custom Domains.

Along with various terrain features, you can fill each course with fragile platforms, wind currents, and flooring that will appear and disappear. There are also certain traps that will reduce a runner’s health or give them a status debuff if caught in them. However, not everything is meant to catch you, as there are also blessings. The Leaping Boon gives you a jump buff, while the Striding Boon increases speed for a short time.

Before we get too far ahead of you, though, know that you can’t upload a custom domain unless you’ve completed the track yourself. No funny business.

Divine Ingenuity runs from March 2 through March 21. You can find all the information about it here. For all other Genshin Impact events on the horizon, you can follow this link.

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