Girl In Red Shares New Song ‘October Passed Me By’ Produced By Aaron Dessner


Girl In Red has shared a new single produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner – listen to ‘October Passed Me By’ below.

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The track, announced last week, is the long-awaited sequel to 2018 single “We Fell In Love In October,” and follows the singer’s 2021 debut album “If I Could Shut Him Up.”

In a statement on the song and its short, Girl In Red said, “‘October Passed Me By’ has been living in my head since June 2021. Every fall since I released ‘We Fell In Love In October’ in 2018 , I’ve been encouraged to do things on social media to talk about the song again Doing TikToks, Instagram posts and stuff about a song I did years ago has never been honest. I’m not in the same place as when I wrote the song, emotionally or artistically, thus pretending to be boring and uninteresting. So, I never did any of that; but last year, something happened in my personal love life that brought up a lot of feelings that I had to deal with internally.

She added: I met Aaron Dessner in the fall of 2021. I told him I had this song I wrote and wanted to do but hadn’t started recording it yet. I had never worked with him, so for me, it was an interesting and low-key thing to try. I finished writing the song in Oslo and LA, working remotely with Aaron and with my great friend Matias Tellez on the mix.

“’October Passed Me By’ is where I am today, emotionally and musically. Grateful for what has been and full of love for a very special person who has had a huge impact on me as a person. And also, I thought it was much cooler to artistically expand the universe of October, rather than making uninspired videos that will disappear into the black hole of content that is TikTok.

“PS: I will probably do TikToks too. lol.”

The short ‘October Passed Me By’, directed by Gustav Johansson and starring Lisa Loven Kongsli and Ruth Vega Fernandes, will premiere on YouTube at 6pm BST today (October 14).

Join the queue for the short’s premiere below and listen to “October Passed Me By” while you wait.

Earlier this year, Girl In Red postponed their European tour on the advice of several medical experts. The NME 100 alumnus and former Big Read cover star had just completed a massive US tour and had three dates in the European and UK legs when she announced she had to postpone the rest of the tour due to damage to his vocal cords.

“After my US tour ended on April 25, I went to see a throat specialist in Norway who told me I had nodular damage to my vocal cords,” Girl In Red explained in a post. statement. “He told me that singing would get harder and harder for me, but because I didn’t want to disappoint everyone coming to my concerts in Europe and the UK, I left for the tour two days later. .”


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