Google’s Pixel update brings music video maker and new vaccine maps – TechCrunch


I will be honest. Today could be the worst day for a non-Apple company to drop a series of mobile operating system updates. But I guess a Google Pixel feature isn’t waiting for anyone, including Tim Cook and Company — even if it means posting a blog post at the exact moment the WWDC 2022 keynote kicks off.

For Pixel 4 to 6/6 Pro owners, however, rejoice, because you have things to celebrate today too. There’s a wide range of features on board here, including the ability to add a shortcut to a vaccine card screenshot directly to the homepage. Given that COVID numbers are steadily increasing in a number of areas, this is a neat little feature to help you avoid the panicked search for the shot when you’re at the front of the queue. It’s available in Canada, the United States and Australia.

Picture credits: Google

Conversation mode previously tested in beta is coming to Google’s Sound Amplifier, designed to help filter out ambient sounds for people with hearing loss. The user holds the phone pointing the camera at the subject, and the phone will use built-in machine learning to amplify their voice and filter out the background.

Google has also partnered with design firm Teenage Engineering for a new app called Pocket Operator, which offers quick and easy editing of music and video on the fly, adding sounds, effects and beats. It is available for download on the Play Store for Pixel 5 and later.

Picture credits: Google

Other new features include a reminder that pings you when you accidentally leave your flashlight on (you know who you are), plus a Nest doorbell video stream right on the lock screen. Google also introduced a new collection of wallpapers for Pride Month.

A new air quality alert feature is in the works, currently listed as “coming soon” for the US, India and Australia.


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