Hardaway on walk-on became the great shooter Tyler Harris, “If I need someone to take a shot for me, it’ll be him.”


MEMPHIS — That’s the first thing I thought of after the Tigers rallied 15 in Tulsa on Sunday.

What would this team be without Tyler Harris?

With all the struggles and injuries, it was Harris who really held things together for the U of M. On Sunday and with the Tigers in need of a spark, the former Cordova star delivered, knocking down six three and scoring a game-high 24 points to help the Tigers end a three-game conference losing streak.

Harris named to the American Athletic Conference’s weekly honor roll.

Penny Hardaway, so happy to have Harris, the little long range shooter.

“Since he was knee high, this guy has been in the gym working on jumping and ball handling. Jump shots and jump shots and jump shots,” Hardaway said. “I don’t disrespect anyone in our team, but if I need someone to shoot for me, it will be him. He’s put in over a million hours in the gym, pulling off a jump shot and he’s proving it night after night.

Harris and the Tigers host East Carolina on Thursday night.


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