Is today Hester’s big day? Here are the coordinators, staff expansion for Eberflus and other bear balls


It’s a big day for my musical brain:

by Kanye West University dropout was a game-changing album for me. It changed how and what type of music I would listen to moving forward. abandonment too put me in touch with new thoughts and feelings that I had never experienced before while listening to music. And it made me want to dig into classical tunes, which did wonders for expanding my musical horizons.

Does anyone have a favorite track they’re willing to share with the class?

• Besides being a big day for my musical brain, it could be a big day for Devin Hester. The Greatest Return Specialist to Ever Do It is one of 15 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists. This Canton, Ohio museum, which honors football legends, will welcome up to five new members. hester should be one of them, but special teams aces aren’t as well represented as other position groups. Ideally, Hester (1) bucks this trend by participating in the first ballot and (2) opens the door for others.

• Colleen Kane (Grandstand) describes the most memorable plays of Hester’s career with the Bears. You’ll want to make time in your day for this one.

• And it’s also about to be a momentous occasion at Halas Hall:

• Matt Eberflus’ coordinators will speak to Chicago media for the first time since joining the team. Obviously, there will be questions about the development of Justin Fields. But what else do you want to hear from the coaches? After all, football is a three-phase game working together for a common goal.

• I’d love to hear Special Teams Coordinator Richard Hightower discuss how he can help maintain Chicago’s recent streak of excellence. Coaching special teams is a challenge with the constant turnover of players in this phase. What did defensive coordinator Alan Williams learn from the last time he played? Will offensive coordinator Luke Getsy share his philosophy on building an offense beyond the quarterback?

• ICYMI: The Bears have recruited a new running backs coach, hiring David Walker to work with David Montgomery and the gang. Walker quit coaching in 2019 but returns after taking time off to tend to the family business. This story by Joel A. Erickson (Indy Star) from 2020 sheds light on how Walker was spending his time after leaving the coaching game. And his explanation of the reasons for his departure in 2019 is touching:

“My wife had a health incident earlier this season, and as she went through this and we worked through it as a family, I needed to be more present to help her through her business and help her family. get by,” Walker said. . “That was the main reason behind this decision.” Walker declined to say more about the health issue that his wife, Marilin, battled, preferring to keep it private, saying only that she is doing fine now.

• Some things are more important than football, and family is one of them. That being said, I find it encouraging that Walker had the courage to put football aside to take care of family matters. Going forward, I’d like to think that Walker and his family situation are in a much better and more stable situation. Welcome to the game, coach.

• In addition to Walker, the Bears were able to add a pair of additional offensive assistants to the staff on Wednesday. Fittingly, both have ties to the Packers. Tim Zetts joins the Bears as an assistant tight ends coach. The Bears didn’t have an assistant coach TE last year, so this is an entirely new position for the team. And I’m all for expanding those coaching and front office teams where possible. Zetts was an offensive quality control coach with Green Bay last year. Omar Young also has connections with the Packers, coaching with the team in 2017-18. Young has spent the past three years coaching the offense at Eastern Illinois. He jumps on board with an Offensive Quality Control Coach title in Chicago.

• Henry Burris, who was attacking quality control coach last season, is no longer with the squad. Previously, Burris joined the Bears as a recipient of the Bill Walsh Diversity Scholarship in 2020 before earning a full-time promotion a year later. The Bears did well during Matt Nagy’s time in Chicago hiring and promoting coaches through the Walsh Diversity Fellowship. Hopefully Matt Eberflus can follow this lead.

• Speaking of names that no longer appear on the official Bears website, it looks like the Bears need a new manager and chief negotiator:

• I’m sure the Bears have inside options. And I guess Cliff Stein, who currently holds an SVP and General Counsel title with the Bears and handled those duties long before Joey Laine arrived, could do it in a pinch. But going forward, GM Ryan Poles should find himself a “cap guy” who can navigate these troubled waters and put this team in a happy place when it comes to cap management.

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• Please make Super Bowl logos fun again. It’s almost like they stopped trying after Super Bowl XLIV, did some work for Super Bowl 50, but started not caring again with Super Bowl LI:

• Is it a wrestling song? Or something more…

• I never thought I would see this collection of words in a sentence, much less as the peg of a story:

• A surprise, certainly, but welcome:

• I love it when it works, like they did with the Bulls last night:

• The NBA trade deadline is TODAY and you can follow our Bulls coverage is here. When healthy, the Bulls are a good team with the potential to reach the Conference Finals. But they haven’t been in good health lately, which has led to some polarized thoughts when it comes to figuring out what they should do before today’s deadline to complete a deal. But if Artūras Karnišovas-Marc Eversley’s front office has taught us anything, it’s that if there’s a will to make a deal, they will. And if there isn’t, they won’t make a move just for the sake of it. The front office has earned our trust. Hopefully the Bears front office will soon gain that benefit of the doubt.


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