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In October last year, the pop artist AJA was trying to get out of a toxic relationship. Knowing she needed to wrap up this part of her life, she released the alt-rock anthem “Better Off Without You,” in an attempt to start afresh. She definitely denounced this other person, and in doing so, AJA was able to encourage others going through a similar experience to do the same. In the end, something better and more meaningful awaits, which is what AJA captures in their new single, “Love At First Song.”

With “Love At First Song”, AJA pays tribute to the love she has for music. She explains,

“When we wrote ‘Love At First Song,’ I wasn’t in the mood to write about feeling empowered or writing about being irritated by boy or girl drama, I just wanted to write about something that I loved and it was an easy subject for me. I love how certain songs can make you feel something. It can take you on a journey of emotions. It can make you crying, cheering you up when you’re sad, or making you feel like a badass, even if you didn’t necessarily feel like that before the music started.

We definitely feel the love throughout the song. On contagious pop melodies, AJA sings the music as if it were another person. Sweetly, she shares, “We’re so perfectly in sync / The way you strum on my heartstrings” and reveals, “Love the way you whisper like a symphony.” Ultimately, it was “love at first song,” and anyone who has that special song in their life can surely relate. You can check it below.

You can listen to “Love At First Song” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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