Itty Bitty City Music Maker’s Club


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – There’s a usual commotion inside Itty Bitty City, while the children are doing their so-called errands. On Fridays, a soft sound fills the streets of the city.

“Today we’re here for the Itty Bitty Music Maker’s Club, our social group designed for ages two and up,” said Leslie Jones, teacher.

Leslie Jones is the owner of Musical Bridges Music Therapy.

“(It’s) just a group where kids get together and work on skills needed at home and in the classroom, such as listening, direction following, impulse control, peer interaction. , this kind of things. It is therefore entirely based on the development of social skills in the youngest children, ”Jones said.

For most children, socialization had to take a back seat during the pandemic for safety reasons.

“They need to be surrounded by their peers. They need to learn to deal with unwanted situations, to learn to sit, listen and behave and you know and follow the instructions of the adults, the teachers, ”Jones said.

According to Jones, music is a great tool to help children develop their socialization skills.

“So with music, kids learn faster because the brain absorbs information through the musical elements of everything. Rhythm affects speech development, it affects motor movement, ”Jones said.

According to Fawn Rechemmer, owner of Itty Bitty City, there are learning opportunities throughout the museum.

“We are sneaking in some developmental processes and also hoping that parents will learn by playing with their children here and see different ways of noticing certain things their children like to do,” Rechemmer said.

The Itty Bitty City Music Makers Club takes place every Friday from 11:30 am to noon. It’s free with admission to the museum or $ 5 for those who have just attended the course. Click on here to learn more.

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