Javed Akhtar’s latest song – ‘The Live-In song’ normalizes the concept of living-in. song now!


MUMBAI: The Live-in Song is out TODAY and it is about the changing world of millennials and the trend of living together instead of diving straight into marriage. With Javed Akhtar penning the lyrics, singers Nikhita Gandhi and Mohit Chauhan lending their vocals for the song, this number is already set for success.

This is the first attempt for Saregama Music to embrace the new way of approaching a very relevant topic in today’s times through a song and introduce the concept of treating all couples equally and that ” Live In is also Cool”

The song composed by Shameer Tandon is a step in a new direction. It aims to educate the minds of the older generation on the equal importance of living with “one”.
Watch the song here on the Saregama Music YouTube channel:

Javed Sir says of his latest: “I’ve written many songs in my life but I have a special significance for this novel because it represents a new way of thinking. It challenges old beliefs that look down on couples who want to stay together before getting married. I believe that the true bond between a man and a woman is not an ancient ritual but mutual love and respect.”

The song Live-in was led by Aditya Datt and it teaches us that with changing times, society also changes and it is important for us to keep up with the new ‘normal’. “Live in is also cool” is a popular sentiment in the current generation and so we are sure that this song will win millions of hearts.


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