Karnataka Bank staff scam Crores to fund High Life


Helicopter rides, lavish parties, movie funding – Praveen Patri aka P Dixit has lived the high life so far. The only problem? The money for this came from the District Central Cooperative Bank in Bagalakote, Karnataka, where he worked as a mere “office clerk” and duped millions of dollars over the years.

The bank has not yet filed a complaint with the police.

Praveen Patri alias P Dixit joined the bank in 2014 and worked as an assistant in the Kamatagi, Gudur, Aminagad branches of the bank in Bagalakote district.

Rubbing shoulders with the managers, he got his hands on their identity cards and had duplicates made. Using these, he charged interest on the amount deposited in the bank, confirmed Ajaykumar Saranayak, Chairman of Bagalakote DCC Bank.

Hailing from Sulibhavi village of Hungunda taluk, he introduced himself as Junior Raghu Dixit.

According to sources, he said he made several trips in a private helicopter and even sponsored a shower of flowers through a helicopter for a village festival a few months ago.

Sources said he has also sponsored movies and music albums. (News18)

He is said to have organized several lavish parties in Bagalakote and also financed several music albums and films. Kamathagi branch of DCC bank found Rs 56 lakh missing due to Patri’s wiles, which the bank’s management say they confessed to the internal commission of inquiry.

Chopper Rides, Lavish Parties: Karnataka Bank Staff Scam Crores to Finance Lifestyle
The bank confiscated Patri’s passport. (News18)

“The bank has set up three special teams to investigate this case. The committee dismissed Patri from office and confiscated his passport. He was strictly instructed to be present at the bank until the investigation was completed or a criminal complaint was filed against him. The bank also decided to confiscate his six acres from Sulibhavi and another plot in his mother’s name. We hope that at least some of the mismanaged money will come from there,” said Lokesh, Managing Director of DCC Bank.

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