KU teaching and non-teaching staff present a visual treat to campus visitors


An exhibition of artwork by Pro-Vice Chancellor PP Ajayakumar of Kerala University (KU) and a group of teaching and non-teaching staff set up a visual treat for visitors to the campus.

The KR Narayanan Memorial Student Accreditation Center on the university’s Senate House campus is now adorned with paintings of 24 employees. Nearly two dozen hand-painted glass bottles add variety to the week-long show which ends on Tuesday.

The program is the second in the series of Ishika exhibitions organized by Dhamani, a cultural organization of university employees. The event, which Prof Ajayakumar says will become an annual affair, has attracted considerable interest since the first edition had just 10 participants two years ago.

Dhamani events, including Ishika exhibitions, aim to instill an affinity towards arts and culture, he says.

According to him, the “mother university”, which boasts of a strong ecosystem for higher studies in social sciences, sciences and languages, lacks a similar environment for the performing and visual arts. It only has a music department and a performing and visual arts center to show for this.

“As the National Education Policy prescribes, a university should ideally maintain a multidisciplinary character. Kerala University must also aspire to broaden its horizons to pursue courses in neglected fields of study,” Prof. Ajayakumar says, while adding that the institution has decided to launch a new design department as part of these efforts.

While the Pro-Vice-Chancellor exhibited 26 charcoal paintings of notable figures, the other attendees exhibited pencil drawings, watercolours, acrylics and oil paintings. The next edition of the exhibition is planned elaborately and will also feature works of art from the students of the university.


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