Lana Del Rey drops new song with Nikki Lane and Sierra Ferrell


Euphoria wasn’t the only place you could hear a new Lana Del Rey song on Sunday. Del Rey made an appearance during country singer Nikki Lane’s show that night at Sam’s Town Point in Austin. Along with Sierra Ferrell, they performed a new LDR song titled “Prettiest Girl In Country Music”. At the concert, Del Rey told the audience that she had written the song semi-spontaneously after Lane told her about meeting “an older gentleman”. Here’s what Lana told the audience:

Nikki told me a little story about him, he had a little meeting with her, and he snuck in a little too close to her, and he said, “How does that feel? to be the prettiest girl in country music?” and I was like, “Bleh!” So immediately I wrote a little chorus and then we expanded.

The results are quite eye-catching, as you can hear for yourself below.

In other LDR news, she popped up in unexpected corners of social media this week. First, the US military used a quote attributed to Del Rey in a tweet commemorating #SoldierSaturday: “Being brave is knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever.” Then, in an apparent promotion for her impending new album, Pusha T relaunched her Instagram account on Monday with a photo of Lana’s face covered in white residue. Check out these two posts below as you pray for an LDR guest spot on the Pusha album.


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