Listen to Journey’s new song “Let It Rain”


Journey released “Let It Rain”, the last track from their upcoming album Freedom.

Although the group is most associated with their arena rock anthems, they change their style on the new song. “Let It Rain” is a heavy-handed rocker with a powerful swagger from the opening note.

Guitarist Neal Schon flexes his musical muscles throughout the melody, fueling the song’s dirty groove. Schon opens things up about halfway through the track, letting his guitar creak and groan through a triumphant solo. Meanwhile, vocalist Arnel Pineda delivers some of the most sinister vocals of his Journey tenure, displaying a hubris rarely felt on other songs.

Listen to “Let It Rain” below.

“Let It Rain” is the third song unveiled by Freedom, after “You Got the Best of Me” and “The Way We Used to Be”. The upcoming LP will be Journey’s sixteenth studio album and first in over a decade.

Stylistically, the three songs released so far have been noticeably different, which matches what keyboardist Jonathan Cain told UCR in March.

“We have all the elements,” he explained on the new album. “Some of them are really raw and really rock ‘n’ roll, and I think we have the classic ballads. We’ve really tried to stay true to what we do best, and that’s just writing good songs.”

“There are a few surprises,” Cain further admitted. “We hang out a bit, which is cool. … A lot of the jams were free-form, so Neal was working hard and I was there for him, and we worked together throughout. The songs came from all kinds of places, creatively, but I think it’s just a combination of everything Journey has been.

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