Long lines, excitement as Mayor’s Community BBQ kicks off Whoop-Up Days


After riding through the parade, Hyggen returned to City Hall with a huge smile on his face.

“I’m super excited to come here and see all of this after the parade, to come in, it’s fantastic,” Hyggen said. “That’s community, isn’t it? It brings everyone together. It’s multicultural, everyone is together and having fun at the opening of Whoop-Up Days. It’s fantastic.”

After two years of Whoop-Up Days being a toned down affair with no parade due to COVID-19 restrictions, Hyggen says he’s happy to see it return so people can once again enjoy the full festival.

Trevor Panczak says he’s also excited about the return of Whoop-Up Days.

“I think my first Whoop-Up Days were in 1995, so it’s been a long time,” Panczak says. “Just to think back to when we played Pioneer Park on the old stage before they had the canopy stage and won a contest when I was a kid and progressing. You remember your roots , and just being able to come full circle like that and see us on the steps of City Hall headlining a show was pretty awesome.

Panczak played a full set just outside the main entrance of Lethbridge City Hall.

He says it’s always nerve-wracking to play at home because he always sees people he knows. At the same time, he likes knowing he can entertain people he knew long before breaking into the music industry.

The 2022 Whoop-Up Days Festival runs until Saturday, August 27, 2022. For more details on everything happening at this year’s event, head over to the official Whoop-Up Days website.

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