Look at this! Alice Low unveils new song and video Sodomizer


Trans artist Alice Low – self-proclaimed “empire-building ladydaddy” – unveils an outrageously funky new single that continues her quest to challenge prejudice through her music.

Sodomizer is a reaction – a strong reaction – to the media’s frequent portrayal of trans women as sexual predators (or potential predators) – and throws it back in their face. “I open the news and I see my whole identity reduced to sex, to violence,” she says. “Get milk, bread, piss a little. A girl has to empty her bladder, she’s not here to fuck you. It’s not aggressive. »

Cardiff-based Low caused a stir a year ago with her extraordinary debut single ladydaddy. A daring 14-minute epic that is as gendered as it is gendered, its exuberant sense of liberation stems from the fact that she wrote it less than a month after its release.

It was followed by the ballad crybaby, featuring a baritone croon in a song that could have originated from Bowie’s Young Americans era. And came rim worka song that introduced a falsetto range, evolving from lush synth ballad to funky hi-NRG anthem – while memorably likening a lost relationship to “loveless rim job”.

She explained at the time, “I wanted to frame my grief and pain through the hyper-sexualized, alienated lens that all transgender stories are framed.”

Now comes Sodomizer, another provocative statement of identity.

“It’s possible to fight when you’re strong, and there are people in your life that you love, and bring color and light, but when all of that is gone, and you’re on your own, suddenly the weight of the prejudices of the world hits right where your power comes from,” says Low.

“I felt moved talking about it. It was the most vivid feeling in my mind at the time. At the end of last year, when the days were short and it was cold and it was dark, I turned on the BBC and I was labeled a rapist. I wanted to defend myself. I couldn’t do it seriously.

Low, who won the Triskel Prize at last year’s Welsh Music Awards, says her transition has given her the space to hone her talents as a musician and producer, and allowed her to find her true musical identity: My work took on a new singularity, something more dynamic, more engaging and totally mine.

She recently toured with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, making waves with her incendiary avant-garde performance, and will be back on the road with Cate Le Bon in August.


All the words of Tim Cooper. You can find more of Tim’s writings in the archives of its author Louder Than War and on Manure rack. He is also Twitter like @TimCooperES and publish daily on EatDrinksAndLeaves.

Learn more about Alice Low at Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

Tour dates:

June 4 – Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
August 16 – Newcastle University (with Cate Le Bon)
August 17 – Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe (with Cate Le Bon)
August 18 – Albert Hall, Manchester (with Cate Le Bon)
August 19 to 21 – Green Man Festival
September 8 – 10 – Waves Festival, Austria


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