‘Love In Ukraine’ creator’s track ‘Rakshabandhan’ celebrates the emotions of unity


Bombay: ‘Love In Ukraine’ director Nitin Kumar Gupta talks about his latest music video ‘Rakshabandhan’ which depicts the story of a brother and sister who were separated during childhood.

He composed, directed and also starred in the music video. The song was written by Shadab Akhtar and sung by Rani Indrani Sharma.

Nitin talks about the song filmed aboard a luxury cruise ship: “It was during a reconnaissance trip for my upcoming action movie ‘Cruise’ that the idea for this music video struck me. This is my very first unfilmed music video. Lyricist Shadab Akhtar came up with some very touching lines that inspired me to compose the song in a completely traditional style and instrumentation.”

“Rani Indrani Sharma sang it with beautiful understanding that brought out the emotions in every line. French-Algerian model Abir Benchaa and child actor Kristine were a pleasure to work with.”

On the work side, Nitin is busy with his upcoming film “LAC”. Speaking of the same, he said, “We screened the film for the Army panel and cross our fingers for their approval of the film which shows the bravery and sacrifices of our border troops in hostile terrain and weather. .”


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