Mahesh Babu-featured song ‘Sarkaaru Vaari Paata’ leaked; Heartbroken music director Thaman shares his pain on Twitter: The Tribune India


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Chandigarh, February 13

Music Director Thaman is heartbroken and he has every reason to be sad. A song from the next movie ‘Sarkaaru Vaari Paata’ with Mahesh Babu leaked online. The song was scheduled for a special release on Valentine’s Day.

Just a day before, on Friday, the makers released its promo. Titled ‘Kalaavathi’, the song is sung by Sid Sriram, has lyrics by Ananta Sriram and is Thaman’s composition. It’s worth mentioning that the promo garnered over six million views on YouTube, showing fans’ enthusiasm for the song.

The Saturday, An unexpected turn of events left the entire film unit disappointed. the the whole song has been leaked online and music director Thaman says he is heartbroken.

In a voice note on Twitter, music director Thaman shared his disappointment.

He said, “I’m in a lot of pain. I don’t know what to say. We worked so hard for this for over six months on this video. We faced a lot of difficulties while filming this song. We worked day and night and had to deal with corona.In fact, eight to nine people even tested positive.

“A lot of people had difficulties. My producer, who invested money, my lyricist, who gave us wonderful lines, my director, who made this lyric video with great enthusiasm. We did the mastering and mixing in the best place in the world for this number We did it so luckily.

Listen to his voice note:

“Someone took my life and easily, very easily disclosed this. What can I say? I had no idea that someone we offered a job to would do this to us. I don’t know if I must be angry, or in pain, or if I have to move on. Usually, I’m not so heartbroken. I’m strong enough, and I’ve faced many hardships and challenges. But this really bothered me.

Here is the second part of the voice note:

“Why I am posting this note in the public domain is because I want whoever did this to know what a terrible thing hacking is. They should learn. We have been very careful. There are 1 000 people who worked on this lyric video. .

“From the team to the fans, we’re really, really sorry. I’ll be even more careful in the future. I promise we’ll be releasing this song shortly.”

The creators have now decided to release the song on Sunday at 4:05 p.m. This update, Thaman shared it on social networks “with a heavy heart”.

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