Mahmood Khan’s Song “Jagamarra” Creates Incredible Impression On World Music Scene


(DailyMusicRoll Editorial): – New South Wales, Australia April 15, 2022 ( – Music producer and singer Mahmood Khan takes world music on a sublime journey of pop and folk hybridization with the song ‘Jagamarra ‘. The song is in collaboration with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra, which also became the first-ever Australian orchestral ensemble to top the iTunes chart in seven countries. This is the opening track from his 2020 EP, Mahmood Khan with Willoughby Symphony Orchestra.

The song is a tribute to the indigenous community of Australia and is inspired by an encounter Mahmood Khan had during one of his treks in the country. The EP in which ‘Jagamarra’ also charted at #7 on Billboard’s Classic Crossover Albums chart. The song is a thematic and melodic representation of hope. The song takes you on a transcendental journey of exquisite production, emotionally enriched vocal and musical concepts, and inspiring momentum that will leave a lasting effect on your virtues.

Mahmood Khan is one of the most prominent artists on the world stage today and has been working as a musician for 35 years. He is also the first Asian artist to chart in the classic genre on the Billboard charts. His contribution to music and various other achievements over the years of his incredible career has led to a reigning legacy of music and divinity. He began his experience in the industry as a sound engineer for Jam Power, a Los Angeles-based music production company before embarking on a journey to fulfill his dreams and identity as a singer and songwriter- composer.

His debut solo album featured music maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan which caused winds of engagement across the stage with over 6 million copies sold. His music took American radio stations by storm and was considered the first Pakistani to achieve such a prestigious feat. His live recordings at the Sydney Opera House have become synonymous with milestones that other artists look up to. He also made history by becoming the first Asian artist in Australia to top the Aria Pop charts. Some of Mahmood Khan’s most incredible works include ‘Runaway’, ‘One Line Down’, ‘Ginoo’, ‘Sydney’, ‘TereBaghair’ and ‘Another Lover’ to name a few. His contribution to the world music scene and his inclusion in the contemporary mainstream laid the foundation for new horizons for new artists.

Safer Daily Music Roll:

‘Jagamarra’ is written and produced by Mahmood Khan with arrangements and direction by Doug Emery and David Griffin. Doug cites his experience working with Mahmood: “It was a unique experience. The record’s success is proof of its ability to tap into the spirituality and emotion lacking in much of today’s music”.

Mahmood Khan credits Australian radio with helping him spark engagement over the years. The new song ‘Jagamarra’ represents the inner complexity of the artist and his understanding of his emotional depth reflected through the subtle virtues of the melodies. To learn more about his work, visit his official website at


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