Mandurah’s Band The Gusset Wins WA Music Song of the Year Award | Mandurah Courier


A few-month-long whirlwind for Mandurah The Gusset was crowned when they won the Western Australia Music Song of the Year award on Thursday night, with their single Never let me know get the gong.

The five local plays topped the pack in the Outstanding Regional category, with the award coming following a largely successful response to their latest success.

The gusset has fallen Never let me know in April, with the smooth surf rock feel that immediately received the nod from Triple J Unearthed reviewer Declan Byrne.

“There’s a big feel-good factor to this one and Ocean Alley fans should line up for a taste of The Gusset,” Byrne wrote of the track as part of a review. four stars.

His success has now been recognized by the award, with bassist Tom Dowding saying the guys were surprised when their name was read at the virtual presentation party.

“We were surprised, for sure,” he said.

“You only listen to the other nominated artists and they’re amazing artists. Being one of those guys and winning this award is something we’re really proud of.”

Never let me know was conceived following a jam session, with Dowding saying the band was aiming for a “nostalgic vibe.”

“We were just jamming and we came out with that kind of full-time and part-time rhythm,” he said.

“We ended up sticking to that and it became the chorus, and then we added the hook you hear at the beginning and we were really confident.”

The victory is a huge step forward for the boys, who have just returned to live performances after a layoff amid pandemic restrictions.

Dowding said it was great to be back on stage.

“It’s great. As a band your main goal is to do concerts because that’s the best part, so we’re thrilled,” he said.

“There were times during the layoff when we could only catch up online, so as a band, when you’re trying to work on difficult music.

“But we played our first gig in months at Badlands and it was amazing, so we’re looking forward to a few more.”

The Gussets’ next show will be their unique launch for Never let me know, which will now serve as a celebration following their Song of the Year victory.

The concert will be played at Mojo’s in Fremantle on Saturday August 22.


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