Matt Smith takes pictures with bouncers to avoid club lines and gain access to mates


Fearing that his large group of friends would not be allowed access to the crowded XOYO club in London’s Shoreditch, the actor recently made the move.

Matt Smith is one of the best-known artists in the UK, thanks to his appearances in Doctor Who and The Crown.

But, in case he goes unrecognized, Matt has devised a clever ploy to ensure he can still access the most exclusive venues, says Halina Watts.

He doesn’t engage in mundane tasks like waiting in line… Instead, Matt offers to take pictures with the gate workers in order to gain access to the best nightclubs in town.

Matt – who will next be seen in the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon – reportedly hit it off at the popular XOYO club in London’s Shoreditch, known for electronic music and raves – reportedly did so recently.

A source revealed: “Matt was having a great night out with a large group of friends and colleagues but was concerned that due to the size of their party they would struggle to get in.

“He’s not normally one to pull the stardom card and finds it all a little awkward. He’s certainly not a demanding diva but, this time around, after a friendly nudge from a few pals , he couldn’t resist using his fame so that their night wouldn’t be cut short.

“Of course, he made sure to do it very discreetly and even made a joke of it so no one would think he was up himself.

“The gate staff found the side fun and were more than happy to help.”


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