Meet the Creator: Visual Artist Alice Alva

Visual artist Alice Alva.  On the right, 'Forest Floor'.


Visual artist Alice Alva. On the right, ‘Forest Floor’.

Scouring bric-a-brac shops and markets for soft materials and using donations from whānau and friends is an important part of the creative process for multidisciplinary visual artist Alice Alva, who believes that objects found represent more than 90% of her works: “I guess it’s a kind of DIY”, she explains.

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Waikato-based Alice, who trained in painting before focusing on textiles, says she often sees her works initially as designs that begin to reveal themselves when she begins to sew.

While embroidery dominates her practice, a love of craft materials has seen Alice expand into beadwork and the making of hooked rugs, quilts and, more recently, soft sculpture. “I’m particularly interested in the quality of natural textiles like cotton, silk, wool, and linen and how they complement each other in ways that are hard to come by with man-made materials like acrylic and cotton. nylon.”

Works by visual artist Alice Alva: 'Threadbare', left, and 'I did what I was told'.


Works by visual artist Alice Alva: ‘Threadbare’, left, and ‘I did what I was told’.

The tones of his colorful works are inspired by his surroundings: “When I use blues and greens, they are always a romantic nod to the hues of Aotearoa.”

You can see Alice’s work at the Masterworks Gallery in Auckland and The Mandarin Tree in Gordonton or visit

Artist Alice Alva's favorite things.


Artist Alice Alva’s favorite things.

my favorite things

my record player

I love music, and as a bonus, my record player forces me to stand up when I sew sideways, which helps me avoid RSI.

Coffee: Good Fortune Coffee Co is brewed in Petone – Fire Cracker Blend is a great everyday brew.

Shoji bed: Simplicity meets functionality when it comes to my shoji bed from Inhabit Designstore in Wellington.

Smiling Lamp: My Smiley lamp from Mr Maria never fails to put a smile on my face.


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