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Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated anime in recent memory, and while it’s good to keep expectations in check, the team behind it is certainly something to relieve. As fans await the release of the series on Crunchyroll, here’s a look at the creative team that brings the acclaimed manga to life.

But first, Chainsaw Man is a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto about a man named Denji doing a dirty job of slaying demons for the yakuza until he gets beaten up and becomes a devil himself. The manga has won awards and MAPPA sees this new adaptation as a big step forward for the already huge studio.


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Previously, when we wondered if Chainsaw Man was over hyped prior to the anime’s release, GameRant reported on the two credited directors, Ryu Nakayama and Tatsuya Yoshihara. Both are immensely talented animators in their own right, which should lend the quality of a presumably action-packed adaptation.

The first, Yoshihara, made a lot of black clover and is an experienced key animator overall on anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen and A punch. The latter, Nakayama, has a similar experience, but notably directed for EVE the clip “Raison d’être” and an episode of Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demon Front – Babylonia.

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No matter how talented a project is, the guiding hand of a director is essential. Having competent animators is a plus, but for a story as popular as Chainsaw Man‘s, you also need a storyteller. This first major directorial concert by Nakayama will be the mark of their abilities.


Scriptwriting is crucial, even when it comes to adapted material. Screenwriter Hiroshi Seko is a busy man, and the screenwriter behind some of MAPPA’s biggest projects, Attack on Titan Season Finaleto their upcoming work Vinland Saga Season 2. However, their career in the industry is huge and speaks for itself. [See their work history.]

character design

Two is often better than one and in this case, Chainsaw Man has two character designers, Kazutaka Sugiyama and Kiyotaka Oshiyama. The first, Sugiyama, was character designer and animation director on Mushoku Tenseia beautiful show in its own right, with even more beautiful characters.

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Meanwhile, Oshiyama is credited specifically for “devil designs,” the kind of credit that invites laughter of excitement for such a specific task. Similar to how mecha shows hire a designer (or several) just for the mecha, this show has a lot of monsters that need a delicate touch to bring to animation.


The artistic director on Chainsaw Man is none other than Yusuke Takeda, a career art director whose resume includes many sci-fi works and colorful yet grounded dramas. They worked a lot on the Legend of Galactic Heroes films of recent years and previously worked with Wit in the art department for Vinland Saga and will return to this position for Season 2 at MAPPA.

They are joined by Naomi Nakano, a colorist whose recent work includes Sword Art Online Progressivein addition to similar work on Apparatus-Ranman and Kemono Jihen. Their projects can easily be described as bursting with color, but depending on the project, much of the chaos can be kept under control depending on the direction. She and Takeda could very well be a great team.


Kensuke Ushio is a name that should sound very familiar to fans of popular anime, especially in recent years. They were the composer behind the light but sometimes powerful score for A silent voiceas well as that of Naoko Yamada Liz and the Bluebird. On TV, they wowed with their techno soundtrack for crybaby devilmanand they captured the tone of Boogiepop and others like nothing else.

Ushio’s involvement in the sound department might be the biggest sell for those less familiar with animation production. Sound is such an important part of how media is consumed, and Ushio’s dexterity in creating a signature while molding it to the project they’re working on has made them deservedly high profile despite the fact that they don’t have a huge repertoire in anime.

Chainsaw Man is definitely going to be the anime that everyone has their eyes on and thanks to the news about the team working on it, it’s a little easier to get excited about it. For now, it’s just a matter of waiting.

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