Nightwish’s Floor Jansen Shares Mesmerizing New Song And Video “Storm”


Nightwish's Floor Jansen shares fascinating new song and video

Floor Jansen, widely known as the lead singer of symphonic metal band Nightwish, shared a new track titled “Storm,” along with a music video. The new track follows Floor Jansen’s previous debut single, “Fire”, which was released in March.

With the release of two singles, many fans wondered if the singer was planning to release a solo album. To these fans, Blabbermouth quoted the artist explaining that “There are a lot more songs ready. There is no album ready, but also because it would not make sense to have one. Due to the pandemic, there’s a whole NIGHTWISH still undone and still to be done; as it seems, we actually have are going to do that now. So before that, I can’t say ‘Okay, I’m coming [out] with a solo album.’ ‘Cause then you wanna do more too [solo] shows and doing the right promotion and all that, so there’s no time for that – which is a luxury issue in and of itself. She went on to explain that the difference in expectations between the pop world and the metal world influenced her decision: “And that’s also a big difference with this pop music stuff – you box release singles. It’s not an album-based world; it’s completely different.

The mood of “Storm” can be described as both triumphant and dark, its sound featuring Jansen’s vocals alongside pianos, percussion and various symphonic instruments. Fans of Nightwish’s explosive sound will be delighted to hear the second half of “Storm,” which brings heavy drumming accompanied by an array of intense horns and strings, as we hear Jansen roaringly sing “When You Think you have won the fight, I will strike your heart with lightning, You will be blinded by the light, You will hear my voice roar, Like thunder Watch the official music video for “Storm”, directed by Sami Joensuu, via YouTube here -below.

Nightwish just wrapped up the North American portion of their “HVMAN.” :||: NATURE.” around the world, lasting from the beginning to the end of May.



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