No Man’s Sky Adds Music Creator So You Can Create Your Own Songs


No Man’s Sky saw some major changes in 2019, with Update 2.0 ‘Beyond’ bringing a slew of changes and additions to the game on PS4, PC, and Xbox One in August. Then in November, Update 2.2 streamlined the gaming experience even more, and now update 2.24 added a new toy that players can tinker with. Developer Hello Games added the ByteBeat device to No Man’s Sky. It’s a synthesizer and sequencer that lets you program songs for your basics, and it’s a surprisingly powerful tool for music creation.

The ByteBeat can be installed on a player basis, and from there you can use it to create audio and music that will be played from it. The second you drop one, it will start playing sounds generated by random waveforms, and from there you can create your own sounds in the sequencer.

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It’s a rich tool that lets you tweak waveforms, tweak the individual elements of each track, and sync your sounds with lights that will flash and vibrate to the beat of the music you create. This will allow you to add an extra layer of personality to your base. Paul Weir, the game’s sound designer, is excited the possibility for players to create “glitchy electronica” in the game.

A tweet from Hello Games boss Sean Murray lists everything you can do with the new ByteBeat system.

In GameSpot’s review of No Man’s Sky this year, Justin Clark gave the game a 9/10, writing that “its Beyond expansion is the new golden standard for how to gracefully deal with a game’s flaws afterwards. the exit”.

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