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Paul Roux announces a new EP Humanity, on Alan Fitzpatrick’s Apex Faction label. Released September 2, 2022

French producer Paul Roux writes music for stargazing. The cinematic style is about human connection, rhythmic like a heartbeat, tickling sensations with its raw, evocative energy. Humanity EP follows on from the producer’s debut album World as Memorial house, taking the artist even further into a spiritual, ghostly sound, rooted in that classic Chicago aesthetic. It is a sound that speaks to each of us and is forever human.

It was the 2021 version No doubt about the Dutch label ARTSwho really established Paul Roux as an artist with an ear for ethereal, dreamlike and experimental rhythm records; a sound he helped spread through his labels Venom Records, rapid eye movementand his most recent project, Wide Division.

Following the recent and highly acclaimed release Emperia on We Are the Braves by Alan Fitzpatrick imprint, the French producer was invited to return home with the Humanity EPreleased on at Fitzpatrick electronic tag, supreme faction.

“What I appreciate in art and music is its strength, its power and its ability to offer an escape and a moment to question ourselves”, Roux says about the disc. “We live in a rapidly changing world where overconsumption is commonplace. I wanted to create a dead time, with the Humanity EP act as personal therapy for me; A self-assessment of nature and the things I find essential in life.

The disc begins with “Humanity”a track steeped in melancholic strings, haunting soundscapes and a smooth rhythmic flow, creating a deep yet powerful opus. “Adventure” picks up the tempo, with a soulful house beat and dark Balearic strings, like a crescendo of waves. Indeed, it is the outdoors that has inspired the record so much. “The environment inspires me, so when I create music, I go on an adventure and try to share my feelings and my vision”, Red said about the production process. “By creating Humanity, I dream of a warm place… where the sky is blue and the birds are singing.

“For all time” begins with a poignant 2002 monologue on global warming by Jacques Chirac. Its cinematic interludes, deep chords, and ubiquitous resonance lock its tender hooks into the souls of listeners before “Blue Lines” wraps up the EP, using sultry pads and a shimmering, percussive beat to plumb a deep sonic web that speaks directly to the human condition.


From Montpellier, France, Paul Roux is a self-taught composer since childhood who grew up in a family of artists and music lovers. He made a name for himself by playing in festivals, including the one in Belgium Dour Festival (Red Bull motorhome stage), sonar party in Barcelona, High Natural Party in Belgium, and more. Paul has also performed at clubs such as Ferry in France, Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Kompass Club and Ampere in Belgium, Beit Maariv in Tel Aviv, and Sugar factory in Amsterdam. He released on a reputable label ARTS and by Alan Fitzpatrick We are the brave and is also the big boss of Venom Records, quick eye Movement with VII Circle (coming out of the music as Memorial house), and recently launched its new brand wide division. The 4 tracks PE Humanity due out September 2, 2022, at Fitzpatrick Summit Faction and Paul will be back on stage on August 6, 2022 at Les Electros d’Uzés Festival with Vitalic, Jennifer Cardini, and Francois X. Then Berlin on August 10 at About: blank with Joroen Cherc. More to be confirmed.

Track list
01. Humanity
02. Adventure
03. Forever
04. Blue lines

Release date: September 2, 2022.



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