Phabo performs new song “Scorpio Moon” for COLORS


The rising R&B actor Phabo recently made his COLORS his debut as a recent musical guest. The R&B newcomer previewed “Scorpio Moon,” a new song that has yet to be released.

The performance exposes new devoted fans to his slick croons, acting as a visual benchmark for what he can do on stage while touring (more on that later).

Join Phabo for its COLORS set is a young black woman sitting across from him as he performs with a bouquet behind her back.

“Scorpio Moon” is Phabo’s first new track since the EP Before I let her go came out in July.

The five-track project included the previously released title track and “Achy”, which R&B Rated called a “screwed and chopped slow jam”. This last track was associated with a visual co-directed by Jon Rabon and Whest Cornell.

Phabo, LLC

Before I let her go followed Phabo’s famous album Soulquariusreleased in July 2021. The LP featured a star-studded tracklist, with guest appearances from Alex Vaughn, Destin Conrad, Mntra and Rexx Life Raj.

Soulquarius was crowned one of R&B’s Top 30 R&B Albums of 2021. R&B’s Danielle Brissett applauded Phabo for bringing a “refreshing energy into the men’s R&B industry that hasn’t been on display since the early 2000s.”

Phabo currently supports Before I let her go and Soulquarius on his headliner How is my driving tour going. Up-and-coming actor LAYA joins him for the US dates, which end October 23 at The Echo in Los Angeles, California.

Thereafter, he will perform two nights in London, one at The Ned and the other at Shoreditch House. Get tickets available for Phabo’s How is my driving tour going here.

Discover Phabo’s COLORS interpretation of “Scorpion Moon”.


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