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Mood boards created as collage-themed video content are exploding in the TikTok app. And it’s safe to say that Pinterest loves the news!

Despite only a soft launch, the app goes viral and it simultaneously climbs the top charts of the App Store.

All credit goes to Gen Z users who seem to love the news and adore the tool designed to create, publish and even share this form of visual content.

These types of aesthetically created collages can be set up with good music and then put on TikTok or shared in the neighborhood of your close friends.

But it’s an exclusive app and that has to do with it being an invite-only affair. But despite these strict requirements, it does a great job.

The recent metrics are proof that the app deserves a special mention, turning into an instant hit on various occasions. There is even a cry to be number one in terms of lifestyle apps for users today.

Remember, not everyone is lucky enough to jump 22 leaderboards overnight!

These stats aren’t limited to just one or two places, but several different countries, including Canada, Australia, the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Likewise, app downloads are breaking records.

Pinterest seems to have found its golden egg and it really is a project that stands out.

For a while now, we’ve seen Pinterest work hard to try to revamp itself and provide users with something new. Emphasis was also placed on video content and e-commerce. But nothing really worked as well as that.

It’s also worth noting that Shuffles is also busy using the younger generation as its primary target audience. These people turn to social media apps for purposes other than networking. It’s more about self-expression.

Users have the option to create their own collage with Pinterest’s photo library. Similarly, users can click on images of objects they also want to include using their camera. Another innovative feature allows users to clip a few objects from images and tables on the app, or simply by exploring different pins.

We won’t lie, by the sounds of it, it’s quite similar to the upcoming iOS Cutout feature for images on the latest iOS 16. And it’s one that many are looking forward to.

But Shuffles really takes this kind of functionality to a whole new level by automatically identifying objects and simply clicking Add to embed them inside collages. Users can customize by resizing or moving to places they would like to shake in the collage.

This, coupled with exciting effects like various movements, is certainly a worthwhile endeavor as your items will experience movement on the board. Think like a spinning record player.

Users will eventually save the product to their devices and then share the post with those who matter most around them. Additionally, users can also include hashtags to find search options.

We love how this app sets the tone for great TikTok. It also helps steer Pinterest in the right direction. For example, objects are directly linked to the application at the click of a button.

Many believe that the high demand also has a lot to do with its exclusivity. Yes, you need the correct invite code to enter the app and this would only be taken from a current user of the Shuffles app.

The latter only has a limit of 5 invites to share with others, so the decision on who to choose is tricky. For now, the app is free and available only for iOS users.

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