Practical Review: Nanoleaf Lines


By Lama Farhat,

If you have read any of my previous reviews, you will know that I am a huge fan of Nanoleaf and its products. I have their signs and tapes all over my house. They are my number one gift for all fellow gamers. Nanoleaf has just released a brand new option called Nanoleaf Lines.

Just like other Nanoleaf products, Nanoleaf Lines are smart lights that connect to each other and your smart devices. I took a look at the main kit with an extension kit. The main kit comes with nine lines, the power supply, connections and mounting hardware, and the extension comes with three for a total of 12. But I will definitely be buying more and developing the design on the Wall. I’ve had them on my main TV for a few weeks now, and to say they transform a room doesn’t do them enough justice.

Unlike panels, Lines do not take up too much space on the wall. They offer the possibility of new designs unique to the space. You can create a masterpiece that can keep expanding as you add lines to it. The kit comes with a book that shows you some design ideas, but I would advise you to throw it away and just organize them with your heart.

Another difference between lines and panels is that the light is located on the lower part, which makes the light reflect beautifully on the walls. Lines can also reflect your screen. This means that if you are playing a video game or watching a movie and something explodes, the lines will reflect that explosion resulting in a much more immersive experience. The lines also react to music, which makes them really fun if you’re just playing music and chilling out.

Nanoleaf Lines are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Razer Chroma, IFTTT, and the Samsung SmartThings app. This makes them very versatile. My only complaint would be the mobile app. When the panels came out the app worked great and it was fast. With the addition of all the new products, the mobile app seems a little out of whack. Everything still works perfectly fine; sometimes it only takes a minute to answer. I only encountered this issue on the Android version of the app. The Apple one works perfectly.

After spending time with them they have grown a lot with me and they are now my favorite Nanoleaf product to date. The size and the way the light reflects make them perfect for games and regular living spaces around the house. I will be buying more for myself and as gifts for friends.


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