Ramsey County Care Center staff and volunteers, you are much appreciated – Twin Cities



Saint to all staff and volunteers at the Ramsey County Care Center.

Established in 1854, it has a long history in Ramsey County serving the needs of the most vulnerable. The current building was built in 1980 and will close soon. As a former volunteer and family member of a former resident, I would like to thank the staff and volunteers for their service.

First, to the staff for not only doing their stated work, but for becoming an extension of our families. Provide a caring, welcoming and stimulating environment. Thank you!

Second, to the countless volunteers who provided enrichment opportunities including field trips, resident bake-outs, musical entertainment, holiday parties, car shows, bingo – too many to name them! Even our winter carnival royalty who visited and entertained. I can tell you it was the highlight of their days. Thank you!

Finally, the Care Center Foundation volunteers who have worked countless hours on fundraisers and activities to provide additional resources that have enriched the lives of residents. Thank you!

As you go, know that your service was greatly appreciated. I wish you much success in your future.

Cheryl Hernandez, Roseville


I would like to thank the team that removed the ash tree in front of 671 Geranium East.

He had watched over our home for over 40 years. I hated to see our shadow and our only tree removed. It was a very sad day.

They were considerate enough to identify our neighbor’s car to remove it rather than tow it. They let us into the house for safety. The tree was gigantic and towered over our house a little. They tied each piece as they went, lifting the large branches away from the house.

When they were done, they raked and swept up the huge mess he had made when he fell and took it all away. They also sprayed the bark ring on the stump, killing any remaining emerald ash borers.

Thank you very much, you did a good job. It was scary just looking out of the upstairs window.

Janet Worden, St. Paul


Sainted to the staff member (owner?) of Ha Tien Super Market on Suburban for stopping us from leaving the store with a dozen brown eggs.

She surmised, correctly, that this Irish American couple were looking for regular brown eggs, but instead came away with eggs with formed chicks inside. “Oh, I don’t think you want that!” I was able to return them ($19 a dozen!).

This store with a delicatessen is breathtaking!

Ross Huelster, St. Paul


Congratulations to the St. Paul and Minneapolis school districts, as well as several others, for adjusting their back-to-school schedules for the coming year to accommodate the two major Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanna (New Year’s) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). ), which this year fall on the traditional opening days of the fall semester.

Minneapolis is HOLY to go one step further, along with a few others, recognizing the Muslim holy day of Eid al-Fitr, the end of the spring fasting period of Ramadan, as a non-school day as well.

These measures to raise awareness of diversity and inclusiveness reflect a welcome recognition and respect.

Marshall H. Tanick, Minneapolis


Sainted: West St. Paul Police. My son called because our phone connection went bad and he thought his very elderly mother was in trouble while the rest of her children were out of town. He asked West St Paul Police to watch her.

I heard the doorbell and the dog went wild barking. It was 8:30 p.m. on March 11 and I was hesitant to go see who was at the door.

When I turned on the porch light, there were two young policemen. Since I couldn’t put a leash on the dog, he took off like a flash. When they realized my age they chased the dog and put him inside the door on the back porch.

I thanked them and told them like the Bible verse: “Take care of your aged parents when they are old so that your life may be long on this earth. Just like my son did, and also the great men and women of the WSP police.

Patricia Tiller, West St. Paul


On a Saturday afternoon in late February, we ventured out to Sam’s Club in Eagan. When loading our purchases into our car, we carefully placed our empty cart in the cart cabin. We thought it was empty, but it wasn’t, and what we missed was the most expensive item we bought that day, HP printer ink.

Back home, late in the afternoon, I asked my husband, “What did you do with the printer ink?” We looked in the garage fridge, freezer and shelves, home fridge, cabinets, dresser drawers, all to enjoy. The response to a request at Sam’s Club came back: “Yes, someone returned it!”

We jumped in the car and came back. When we asked for our missed item, she asked “Which one?” There was a pile of forgotten items there; ours was right above, so we weren’t the only ones who left items in their basket that day.

To the holy knight in shining armor who returned our beloved HP printer ink, thank you, thank you, thank you! Much appreciated.

Donna Limoseth, Inver Grove Heights


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