Read Denis Handlin’s memo to the Sony Music team


When Denis Handlin came out of Sony Music Australia Monday June 21, a company he had run since the 1980s, the seasoned executive admitted that he and his boss Rob Stringer had decided it was “time for a change”.

Denis Handlin has left Sony Music as the world’s longest-serving employee, having spent more than 51 years with the company, including 37 as head of the national subsidiary.

As previously reported, Sony Music Group CEO Stringer alerted staff to the explosive news of Handlin’s departure via an international memo.

It has since emerged that later that day Denis Handlin sent his own message in which he paid tribute to employees, mentors and artists.

“After 51 years, I’ve agreed with Rob Stringer that it’s time for a change,” read Handlin’s memo, sent at 4:56 p.m. Monday and obtained by OTI.

“We can all be proud that at that time Sony Music set the standard for philanthropy and charity.”

The outgoing Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Australia and New Zealand also highlighted the work of the Sony Foundation, which has raised over $36 million to help those in need.

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A special all-star event celebrating Handlin’s 50th birthday with Sony Music Entertainment was scheduled to take place in Sydney on May 7, with funds going to the Sony Foundation. A COVID-19 scare in the city ultimately forced organizers to postpone the party.

Handlin’s dramatic departure from Sony Music has captured mainstream media across the country and continues to reverberate with at least two staff members reportedly quitting amid a wider probe into the company’s culture. . Various unnamed staff members spoke out against bad behavior within the ranks of the company’s management, the allegations of which would be the subject of a company investigation.

In his own post, Stringer said it was ‘time for a change of direction’ and further announcements would be made in due course on the ‘new direction’ of the music giant’s business in Australia and New Zealand. .

Read Denis Handlin’s memo in full below.

Dear all,

I wanted to write to all of you to tell you what an honor it has been to have spent over 50 years of my life building and supporting Sony Music in Australia and New Zealand and 10 years setting Asia on a new path. successful.

I’ve had great mentors, worked with great people across the business and nurtured great friendships with the most talented artists here in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

After 51 years, I agreed with Rob Stringer that it was time for a change. We can all be proud that at that time Sony Music set the standard for philanthropy and charity. The Sony Foundation has raised over $36 million that has made a real difference in the lives of young Australians with cancer and disabilities and others facing homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, poverty exclusion from school, unemployment, metal disease, neglect and abuse. This includes ensuring that all young Australians diagnosed with cancer have access to free fertility preservation services.

Thanks for all the calls and emails, we’ll catch up over the next few weeks.

All my wishes,



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