Renewed or Canceled – Will there be a Dirty Lines Season 2?


dirty lines is the latest in a wave of recent shows that dramatize real-life entrepreneurship, especially the genre that a) was built around an illicit idea or industry or b) included some degree of illegality. If a show can be c) both of the above, then it’s likely to prove popular. Since Invent Anna on Netflix for The stall on Hulu for We crashed on Apple TV+, it’s a theme we see playing over and over again, and dirty lines fits perfectly into the subgenre.

Created by Pieter Bart Korthuis and based on the first-ever erotic hotline, this six-part saga details the formation, growth, collapse and rebuilding of Teledutch from the perspective of Frank and Ramon Stigter, the brothers behind the company, and Marly Solomon, a promising but prudish psychology student who ends up being thrown into the business despite some initial reluctance.

Unfortunately for the series, it was released alongside the final season of Elite, one of Netflix’s international heavyweights that includes its own share of soapy sexuality. So it may take some time to dirty lines to really get into streaming consciousness, but it’s a good show worthy of an audience. If he finds one, the question will inevitably turn to the probability of renewal. So what do we know about dirty lines Season 2?

Status Renewed or Canceled – Will there be a Dirty Lines Season 2?

Status: to be confirmed

For now, it’s hard to say. There has been no official word, but the show has only just debuted. It will certainly be worth keeping an eye on the non-English TV section of Netflix’s Top 10 to see how dirty lines performs in terms of audience. So far, the chatter on social media looks promising, and critically the show has been well received, including by us.

What are dirty lines?

A dramatization of a lived story, dirty lines shows how the first line of erotic sex became a huge hit in the Netherlands during the tumultuous 80s when the Cold War had ended, the Berlin Wall was falling, technology was developing rapidly and ecstasy, house music and AIDS were sweeping everyone. (The first season actually touches on many of these things and explores how their impact has helped shape the future of the company.) Given the show’s basis in real history, there’s a chance that the he story she’s trying to tell has been fully told by now, but the latest episode left some details and questions unanswered.

Who’s in it?

The three main characters of dirty lines are Frank (Minne Koole) and Ramon (Chris Peters), who run Teledutch, and Marly (Joy Delima), the psychology student who ends up becoming its specialist. All three seem to still be involved with the business at the end of the season, so a follow-up would no doubt include them.

Other characters likely to return include Ramon’s wife Natasja (Charlie Chan Dagelet), who is pregnant with Ramon or Frank’s baby, Marly’s best friend Janna (Julia Akkermans), and Ramon’s secret boyfriend , Alexander (Michael Muller).


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